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resin 4.0.18 release notes


4.0.18 is primarily a bug fix release.

(CLI) Resin command line updates

Resin 4.0.18 introduces commands to manage jmx objects. New set of JMX Commands consists of jmx-list, jmx-set and jmx-call commands. Documentation for an updated CLI interface can be viewed withjava -jar lib/resin.jar help. Documentation for a particular command can be viewed with java -jar lib/resin.jar help <command>

Resin Ant Plugin

Resin Ant Plugin has been moved to a new home at github:

Health Check Updates

Changes to the health system this release include improved stability, logging, documentation, and lifecycle conditions.

  • Parameter checking and error reporting - All health checks, actions, and conditions were updated to check for missing or invalid attributes and report clearer error logs.
  • Documentation - Full documentation of the health checking system is now present at /resin-doc/admin/health.xtp.
  • Lifecycle conditions - Resin can now be configured to execute health actions on startup, shutdown, and restart.
Example: Sending an email on startup in health.xml
<cluster xmlns=""


maven/junit embedding/integration with JPA/data sources

When embedded Resin is launched inside a maven/junit task, the default behavior is to disable Resin's Alarm, which manages timeouts. To re-enable the alarm, use a '-Dcaucho.alarm-enable' on the command-line when launching Java.

The alarm is disabled in embedded cases to handle of embedded Quercus in a non-Resin container.

WebSocket draft v7

Resin's WebSocket support has been upgraded to the test v7 draft of the IETF specification.

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