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resin 4.0.31 release notes


We encourage people to report 4.0.31 bugs at

4.0.31 is a release candidate for 4.1.0. Please see changes.xtp for a list of changes.

  • Dynamic servers for Amazon EC2 have been improved for Resin's "Deploy Once" support.
  • Misc bugs

dynamic server for Amazon EC2

Resin App Server elastic deployments on EC2 have been simplified and improved. You can start a new Resin App Server instance, by launching a new instance from a saved image. Because of Resin's "Deploy Once" model, the deployed application will appear on the new server automatically.

When you're configuring a Resin cluster, you need to configure the IP addresses for the hub servers (the triad). But because the local IP addresses on EC2 are assigned randomly and only later attached to well-known addresses, you need to configure the triad with well-known external IP addresses or dynamic DNS names. Resin will use the well-known addresses to discover the internal random IP addresses.

The Resin configuration is straightforward in the /etc/resin/ The permanent addresses are configured in app_servers with the "ext:" prefix. The home_server tells Resin which app server you're trying to start. The other flags and HTTPS ports are used by Resin to enable the internal IP discovery.

For each hub server, you'll replace the home_server with the appropriate index. for a ec2 triad
home_server : app-0

app_servers : ext: ext: ext:

app.https : 8443

elastic_cloud_enable : true
remote_admin_enable : true
cluster_system_key : changeme

After configuring the hub, you'll configure the dynamic servers to register with the hub when they boot and attach to the cluster. Because every dynamic server uses the same configuration, you can create an Amazon EC2 snapshot image and reuse it for each server.

In the following, the elastic_server value "app:1" tells Resin to start one dynamic server instance in the "app" cluster. for a ec2 elastic server
app_servers : ext: ext: ext:

elastic_server : app:1

elastic_cloud_enable : true
remote_admin_enable : true
cluster_system_key : changeme

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